Publisher : DayStar Books Ltd

Format : Paperback

Pages : 238

Dimensions : 150mm x 225mm

Publication date : 23 Nov 2014

Publication City/Country : Auckland


From a Couple

"Wow! And thank you. Your book is so easy to read, full of thoughtful and valuable research, with convincing argument presented in a gentle reasoned way. We have not been able to put it down!

From a Youth Pastor

"It's an awesome read! I have read the first four chapters over and over getting my head around so much of it. I'm really enjoying it

From a Prison Chaplain

"I recently purchased a copy of your book and loaned it to a man who is very experienced and gifted in his professional field. While previously having no faith, he now describes himself as a "cautious Christian" which I think is a lovely, honest way to describe where he is at. May your book continue to touch and change lives.

From an Agnostic

"Your book has been a wonderful read during the course of our overseas holiday - much to talk about. I finished reading it as we touched down in Christchurch this morning.

From a Christian:

"I've given away two copies now and had appreciative feedback. One is to my boss at work - and yes, he's started on it now and appreciates that you are considering other's views and says he's looking to see where the writer is going to take him!!

From a young Mother

"I have enjoyed what I have read - I think it's great - and lent out my copies. So may I please order two more?

From a Pastor

"I want to express how much I appreciate your book, Finding the Forgotten God. I've found it very engaging, with fascinating examples, descriptions and stories. I found it inspiring as I prepared speaking sessions for the Easter Youth Camp here.

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