Publisher : DayStar Books Ltd

Format : Paperback

Pages : 238

Dimensions : 150mm x 225mm

Publication date : 23 Nov 2014

Publication City/Country : Auckland

Finding the Forgotten God :
Credible Faith for a Secular Age
by Ron Hay

This is a book for those who care about the "big questions" of life. Why are we here? Is this world all there is? Is death a doorway or a dead end? Is there a God? If so, how would we know and how could we be in touch? If there is a God, why is there so much suffering in the world? In a world with a plethora of competing religions and philosophies, how can we know where truth is to be found?

These questions cut to the core of human existence; we ignore them to our cost. Something dies inside us when we simply forget about them and bury ourselves in daily business. To live is to question. To be human is to seek answers to the most fundamental questions of our existence. And behind each, there throbs the most basic question of all: where can I find meaning and peace and fulfilment in life?

This is a book for those who, having sampled the goodies materialism has to offer, find themselves thinking, "There must be more to life than this!" It is for those who sometimes experience a wistfulness or longing for they don't quite know what. Something calls yet eludes them on the edges of awareness and desire.
(From the introduction to 'Finding the Forgotten God')

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